What Are the Most Effective Ways to Increase the Luggage Space in a Ford S-Max?

With its sleek design, impressive fuel efficiency and advanced features, the Ford S-Max has been a popular choice among car owners for many years. But, as with any vehicle, there can always be need for more cargo space. You might be planning a family road trip, or maybe you need to transport bulky items from one place to another. In such cases, the S-Max’s generous cargo capacity might not be enough. So, how will you increase the luggage space in your Ford S-Max? Let’s delve into it.

Reconfiguring the Seats

The Ford S-Max is a versatile car that comes with foldable rear seats that significantly increase the cargo capacity. The vehicle is a hybrid between a family car and an SUV and offers seven seats, which can be rearranged to fit in more luggage.

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Maximizing the Cargo Space

If you don’t need all seven seats, you can easily fold down the third row or even the second row depending on what your needs are. This will effectively convert your vehicle into a mini-van with ample cargo space.
Moreover, the seats in Ford S-Max are not just foldable but also removable. The second and third-row seats can be wholly taken off, revealing a massive cargo box. This is particularly useful when you need to transport larger items.

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Utilizing the Roof

The roof of your Ford S-Max is another area that can be utilized to increase the luggage space.

Rooftop Cargo Boxes

Investing in a good quality rooftop cargo box is a practical solution to your space issues. These boxes are easy to install and offer a high cargo capacity. They are particularly handy when travelling as they provide additional space for luggage without restricting the seating area.

Roof Racks

If a rooftop cargo box seems too bulky or expensive for your taste, you can go for roof racks. They are easy to install and can securely hold luggage, bicycles, surfboards, and even kayaks. But remember, adding items on the roof will increase the overall height of your car. Therefore, you should be mindful of the height restrictions in your area.

Electing for a Luggage Trailer

If the available space in your car and on its roof still does not suffice, you can opt for a luggage trailer. This electric vehicle attachment offers a huge amount of cargo space and is easy to operate as well.

Types of Luggage Trailers

There are different types of luggage trailers available in the market. Some are small and compact, perfect for camping gear or a few suitcases. Others are bigger, able to accommodate larger items like furniture. Choosing the right trailer depends on your specific needs and the towing capacity of your Ford S-Max.

The Offensive of Ford in Increasing Cargo Space

As a reply to the demand for more cargo space in cars, Ford has made significant improvements in their latest models. The company has been on the offensive to maximize the space utilization in their vehicles.

Innovative Design

In their recent models, Ford has unveiled a novel under floor storage space. It is located beneath the rear seats and can be used to store smaller items. This innovative feature further increases the luggage capacity of the vehicle.

Using Car Accessories to Enhance Storage Capacity

Car accessories like seat back organiser, door pocket bins, and car boot organiser can also help in increasing the storage capacity in your Ford S-Max.

Seat Back Organiser

A seat back organiser hangs behind the front seat and has multiple pockets to hold various items. This is a cheap and effective way to increase cargo space without taking up any extra room in your car.

Door Pocket Bins

Door pocket bins are another inexpensive storage solution. They fit in the door pockets and provide extra compartments for smaller items.

In conclusion, there are many ways to increase the luggage space in your Ford S-Max. Depending on your specific needs, one or more of these methods might be suitable for you. While some solutions may require an investment, others are inexpensive and can be implemented immediately. Hence, finding the right balance between cost and convenience is key.

The Underestimated Power of a Hitch Cargo Carrier

An often-overlooked method of increasing the luggage space in your Ford S-Max is through the use of a hitch cargo carrier. This accessory attaches to the back of your vehicle and can carry a significant amount of luggage.

What is a Hitch Cargo Carrier?

A hitch cargo carrier is a device that is attached to the vehicle’s hitch receiver. It provides a flat surface on which to load items and typically has side rails to prevent items from falling off during transit. Depending on the model, a hitch cargo carrier can increase your Ford S-Max’s total cargo capacity by up to 20 cubic feet.

Types of Hitch Cargo Carriers

Hitch cargo carriers come in various shapes and sizes, from enclosed boxes to basket-style carriers. Enclosed hitch cargo boxes are perfect for protecting your items from the elements and potential theft. Basket-style carriers offer more flexibility in terms of item size and shape but offer less protection. Your choice will depend on what you plan to transport and the weather conditions you expect to encounter.

Using a hitch cargo carrier does not affect the performance of your Ford S-Max nor its fuel efficiency. However, it is worth noting that a loaded carrier will increase the overall length of your vehicle. So, you should keep this in mind when parking or navigating tight spaces.

Conclusion: Endless Possibilities to Expand Your Ford S-Max Cargo Space

In conclusion, there are numerous methods to expand the cargo space in your Ford S-Max. From reconfiguring the seats, utilizing the roof, and employing a luggage trailer, to exploiting under floor storage, car accessories, and hitch cargo carriers, the possibilities are vast. The method you choose will be largely determined by your specific needs and budget.

Each storage solution has its advantages and potential drawbacks. For example, while roof boxes provide additional storage space, they also increase the height of your vehicle. Hitch cargo carriers, on the other hand, extend the length of the vehicle. Accordingly, the best approach is to evaluate the volume and nature of the items you need to transport and choose the method that best suits your requirements.

By using one or more of these ingenious methods, you can significantly increase the luggage space in your Ford S-Max. This will make your vehicle more versatile and capable of handling various transportation tasks – be it a family road trip, a holiday adventure, or a move to a new house.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to check the user manual of your Ford S-Max or consult with a Ford representative to fully understand the load capacity and limitations of your vehicle. This ensures safety and extends the lifespan of your Ford S-Max. So, go ahead and enjoy the extra space!

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